Our Clinic has set the date for June 23rd for the Run for your Life 5k & 10k Run Walk in Salem. 

Dr. Cheeseman is celebrating her 25th year of practice in Salem.  Keep your calendar open for right after the run/walk on the June 23rd for a celebration.  More details to follow.


We are now open 2 Saturday mornings a month 9:00-12:00 at the Salem office.

March 3rd – Dr. Bosch

March 24th – Dr. Cheeseman

April 7th – Dr. Bosch



ICE: Usually recommended with an acute injury or pain (when the pain first starts).

• Slows down the circulation to the area, which reduces further swelling from the injury.
• Numbs the area so the pain sensation is greatly reduced.
• Allows the area to heal faster by blocking excess inflammation from accumulating in the injured area.

HEAT: Usually recommended with non-acute injury, sore muscles or arthritis (the pain has been there for awhile).
• Brings in nutrients and new oxygenated blood into the area.
• Relaxes tight muscles.

At times, our doctors will recommend both!!
They usually advise using the heat first then ending with ice. Although, heat brings in nutrients and
new oxygenated blood, it also increases inflammation. The ice decreases that inflammation.

Always contact your doctor for which therapy method would help you.